I have left my current job a few days ago, a job in which I have been working for almost two years (or more precisely, one year and eight months). A time in which I became more humble and where I have realised that I had no idea about software engineering.

In my experience in this company, I had the opportunity to design and develop a project from scratch side by side with a couple of brilliant developers. I have learned things like:

  • Don’t be afraid to refactor or redo the work of several days or even weeks if you have realised that those design decisions where wrong.
  • Without tests you are gonna to deliver a poor product.
  • Have CI from day one.
  • Have CD from day one, at least in the staging branch.
  • All the config files MUST go to VCS.
  • How, where and when to say NO.
  • Estimate in a pessimistic way.
  • Don’t leave TDD or any methodology because of the release date approaching.
  • Learn the basics in depth, learn the tools in a “horizontal” way (as much tools as you can) but not in depth.

And a bunch of technical stuff… Yes, it’s been a good experience, the best one I have had. But now are changing times.

I’m going to write this blog with my experience in the software industry and I will try to write one post for each month, I hope you enjoy reading it.